Customised Fan-coil Units

Made in NZ Customised Fan-coil Units

Clever “SB” customised fan-coil units are designed to complement the current range of air handling equipment available from temperzone.

This range of units provide a high quality, cost effective, fan-coil style unit primarily used in concealed ceiling mounted locations but can offer the versatility to be modified for specific purposes, i.e. outside location, special high grade filters, etc.

“SB” units offer fan performance characteristics from as low as 100 l/s to 1600 l/s and fan total static pressures of up to 400 Pascals. Backward curve plenum fans with EC motors and potentiometers for manual speed adjustment.

Motors are suitable for connection of variable speed switches to provide variable air volumes to accurately match the desired fancoil unit duty. Standard units can include panel filters, cooling coil & drain tray, heating coils, and electric heating elements.